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These socks are made of cotton lycra.  This is a typical cut, make and trim job.  The client supplies their own packaging and we do everything.  We have 1 seamstress applying the elastic, another one doing the underfoot seam and a third lady to pack the socks.  These ladies have formed a nice little team and can make 400 pairs every day.  If/when more socks are required we can duplicate this arrangement quite easily.  The ladies enjoy the break from making Amarula tassels.  It is always nice to do something different.”


We have recently been approached by a company who asked us to make leather belts and handbags for them.  We were excited at the opportunity and a bit nervous because we had no experience but we brought in an experienced lady to teach and mentor us and we are very proud of what we are making.  The client is impressed with the quality of our bags and we are optimistic that they will ask us to make other product as well.  Our ladies are delighted to be making something new.


This client wanted us to make something that hangs across your body and holds your cell phone.  They call it a Sunny-Side-Up! It is cord with a square piece of leather attached with Velcro on it.  The phone hooks on the Velcro and you are never without it. We get the cord and coloured whipping from Cape Fringe Manufacturers and we improved our handwork skills while we learned. It takes a while to learn something new but the ladies appreciate the chance to stop making Amarula tassels for a bit to do something different.


We sent 6 ladies on a leather workshop at Woodheads in Cape Town in anticipation of this client’s needs.  Among other things, we needed to learn how to plait leather in order to make the dog collars and leads that this client asked for.  We had the items cut at Woodheads and then we sealed the edges, stitched all around and attached the fittings.  They are beautiful and we are proud of the work we have done.  Every time we take on a job for a new client, we are apprehensive but our ladies are careful to pay attention to detail.  For us the opportunity to gain more skills is more important than the amount of money we make.  Our focus is more on LEARNING than on EARNING.  We are grateful for every client who brings us their product.  We handle every job with care.